Yo, I'm Allissoon. I study Interactive Media, Animation, and Japanese at USC. TMB, DKA. I'm an artist, animator, cosplayer, gamer, musician, skater, and PARTY-HOLIC :3
Hit me up sometime, chill yo.

I wanna believe in all the things he said last night, but I dont know anything about him yet. He is so strange, mysterious, rough, open, a bit intimidating, but at the same time he is protective, sweet, comfortable, thought provoking, and talkative. Its just everything seemed so planned and good to be true, idk he said things that obviously turned me on but idk if he was just saying those things

I like the relationship we kinda set up where I can just straight ask him, so maybe I’ll just ask him if everything he said last night was true. I mean why the fuck not, i got nothing to loose~ I like this

Its hasnt even been one week yet and my life has gone from out of control CHAOS DEPRESSION to out of control THIS IS KINDA AWESOME WHATEVER YOLO

How does one…How. hahaha

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